Number of the Day: 42,500

June 12, 2012 | Number of The Day

A horse’s head sits atop the New Jersey state seal, but to those outside the state — and even to many inside it — New Jersey’s not known as horse country. Nevertheless, the horse is the official state animal and there are about 42,500 of them (and similar animals) living at 7,200 equine facilities on 176,000 acres across the state, according to a Rutgers Equine Science Center study.

About one-quarter of the agricultural land in the state is horse-related. There is even a “Jersey Bred” logo to go alongside the “Jersey Fresh” label awarded local vegetables.

The state’s equine industry is valued at $4 billion and generates $1.1 billion annually in positive impact to the state’s economy, according to the Rutgers study. In celebration of that fact, June has been named the month of the horse in New Jersey and accordingly a number of events have been scheduled around the state. Learn more.