Number of the Day: 758,000

May 15, 2012 | Number of The Day

May can be a difficult month for the approximately 758,000 New Jersey adults and children who suffer from asthma, as seasonal allergies, strenuous exercise, and colds can contribute to suffering. The disease affects 579,000 adults and 179,000 children in New Jersey, and although it can be fatal in some instances, it is usually manageable when precautions are taken.

New Jersey saw more than 52,000 emergency room visits due to asthma in 2010, with more than 15,000 hospitalizations. Minorities experience a higher rate of asthma than the white population, with African-Americans three times as likely to have the disease. They also visit the emergency room 4.7 times the rate of whites. Hispanics also suffer in greater numbers, although not by such a wide margin; they have a rate 1.2 times that of non-Hispanic residents.

The state recommends anyone with asthma symptoms get an asthma treatment plan (ATP.) More information is available online.