Number of the Day: 70 percent

May 8, 2012 | Number of The Day

New Jerseyans are suddenly satisfied with their way of life, according to a recent Monmouth University Poll, in which 70 percent of respondents rated the state as either an excellent or good place to live. This is the highest rating poll respondents have given the state since May of 2003. (The last time the poll was conducted, in February, only 62 percent gave New Jersey an excellent to good rating.

The poll awards an index rating based on responses to the questions regarding an overall opinion of the state, one’s hometown, the quality of local schools, the quality of the environment, and feelings of safety. In this poll, New Jersey rated a 31, the highest score ever awarded since the index debuted in December 2010.

Not all regions of the state were equally happy, however. As might be expected, the Central Hills region (44) the northeast (38) and the northern shore (34) garnered the best ratings. With a ranking of 22, the Delaware Valley was most dissatisfied, followed by the Urban Core (26) and the Route 1 corridor (27). Men are happier than women (33 vs. 28) and whites happier than blacks (36 vs. 19), those earning more than $100,000 (42) and older than 55 years of age (37).