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May 7, 2012 | Number of The Day

New Jersey ranks about in the middle of the nation when it comes to “peace,” according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, an organization from Australia that puts out an index on both U.S. and global “peacefulness.” The index, which ranked New Jersey 28th on its list of Vision of Humanity website, looks at five factors that it says can determine how peaceful a state is. They are the number of homicides; the number of violent crimes; the incarceration rate; the number of police employees; and the number of small firearms.

With the exception of the number of police employees per 100,000 people, New Jersey did quite well, having a low homicide rate and the lack of easy access to firearms. Violent crime and incarceration rates were also comparatively modest. But the number of police employees per capita was the highest in the nation.

Maine was judged the most peaceful state and Louisiana the least peaceful. The Institute said that the U.S. has become far more peaceful since 1991, when it created the index. The Northeast was rated the most peaceful region and the South the least peaceful.

Additionally, the index looked at 61 metropolitan regions and found that Edison-New Brunswick was the second most peaceful metro area in the country. Camden was ranked 14th and Newark-Union was ranked 24th.