Interactive Map: New Jersey Income Taxes

The map shows the average state income tax bill by county for 2009.

Source: N.J. Department of Treasury, Statistics of Income Report

Last Tuesday was tax day, one of the most universally hated days of the year by citizens.

But the New Jersey government loves it. Or, at least, needs it.

In 2009, New Jerseyans’ income tax liability totaled $8.4 billion on $258 billion in taxable income, according to the state Division of Taxation’s most recent Statistics of Income report. Total income for the year was $289 billion.

While those are huge numbers, 2009 saw New Jersey smack in the middle of the recession, so total income was 7.4 percent, or $23 billion, less than in 2008.

Still, the typical Jersey tax filer — some individuals, some families — paid an average $2,146 in taxes on $65,537 in taxable income. The bill for every individual was $967 on $33,098 per capita.

The largest tax bills exceeded $4,000 per filer in the wealthiest counties — Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris. On the other hand, those in Hudson and Cumberland counties paid the least, less than $1,000 per return.

Click on a county to see more tax stats — the number of returns, total income and the change from 2008, taxable income, the total tax liability and average incomes and tax bills per return and per capita.

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