Number of the Day: 3

March 1, 2012 | Number of The Day

New Jersey is the third most unpopular state, just behind Mississippi but slightly more popular than California and Illinois. Those are the findings of a recent Public Policy Polling survey, which asked respondents over the past four months to give states favorable or unfavorable ratings. PPP is a Democratic polling company, but this poll was not authorized or paid for by any political organization, nor was it limited to Democrats and/or independents.

The rankings were determined by the spread between the favorable ratings (in New Jersey’s case, 25 percent) vs. unfavorable (32 percent). That left the state with a negative 7 rating, just ahead of Illinois (-10) and California (-17). Hawaii, followed by Colorado and Tennessee, had the most positive ratings.

Women were more likely than men to have an unfavorable view of the Garden State. Independent voters had a much more unfavorable view of New Jersey than either Democrats or Republicans, although Republicans seem to like the state just a bit more than anyone else. African-Americans and Hispanics also seem to like New Jersey more than their white counterparts.