Number of the Day: 62 percent

February 29, 2012 | Number of The Day

Life in New Jersey can be good — or even better — according to 62 percent of those who took part in the latest Monmouth University poll, which is used to help determine the Garden State Quality of Life Index. Approximately two-thirds of respondents rated Jersey as a good (47 percent) or excellent (15 percent) place to live. Still, that 62 percent positive response is down slightly from the October poll.

What do residents like about life in the Garden State? Their hometowns for one thing: 33 percent rated their own towns “excellent” and 41 percent deemed them “good.” That 33 percent ranking is a three-decade high for this category.

Ratings for local schools ticked up as well, with 26 percent rating them “excellent” and 42 percent “good.” That 68 percent positive rating marks an all-time high on this question for polls going back to 1978.