Number of the Day: 199,359

February 28, 2012 | Number of The Day

There are 199,359 small businesses in New Jersey with paid employees, according to the U.S. Census Bureau survey of small business owners, with the vast majority of them — 152,533 — owned by those who identify themselves as white.

The second-largest racial cohort is Asian, with 21,834. Of these, 9,294 owners are Asian Indian, 4,961 are Korean, and 4,695 are Chinese. African Americans own 4,270 businesses in New Jersey with paid employees, and Hispanics own 8,319.

When it comes to gender, 30,539 small businesses with paid employees are owned by women and 125,622 are male-owned. Presumably, the remaining businesses are owned by a combination of men and women. The racial breakdown is similar, with 24,023 female owners identifying as white. Asian Indian women, however, do not own as high a percentage of Asian-owned businesses, since there are about the same number of Asian Indian, Chinese, and Korean female-owned businesses (ranging from 1,774 for Asian Indians and 1,469 for Koreans.)