Number of the Day: 8.32 percent

February 17, 2012 | Number of The Day

The economy in New Jersey is still struggling, as evidenced by state rankings of mortgage loan delinquency rates. New Jersey is third in the nation, with a full 8.32 percent of homeowners at least 60 days in arrears for their monthly mortgages, according to TransUnion, a credit information and risk management company.

To develop this ranking, TransUnion statistically samples its database of 27 million anonymous consumer credit records.

Nationally, the delinquency rate is 6.01 percent. The first- and second-ranked states are Florida (14.27 percent) and Nevada (12.08 percent.) The delinquency rates of neighboring states are much lower than New Jersey’s, with Pennsylvania at 4.74 percent, New York at 6.67 percent, and Delaware at 6.42 percent.