Number of the Day: 12

January 31, 2012 | Number of The Day

Parents in need of some kind of support from the state — whether it be information or financial — should check out Parent Link, a website providing parents with links to key services, facts about legal rights, hotlines for emergencies, as well as basic parenting information. The site, which is the product of the New Jersey Early Childhood Comprehensive System team, says it answers 12 identifiable needs for New Jersey parents.

The site is a one-stop resource for parents who need to understand their rights for maternity/family leave; where to turn for help with special-needs children; what tests and types of child healthcare are mandated in the Garden State; advice on developmental delays in children; and facts about availability of financial and other support programs.

The 12 needs that the site says it supports are: Access to Healthcare, Insurance and Medical Homes; Mental Health and Social-Emotional Development; Early Care and Education/Child Care; Parent Education; Family Support; Financing; Governance; Family Leadership Development; Provider/Practitioner Support; Communication; Standards; Monitoring and Accountability.