Number of the Day: 14.4 percent

November 11, 2011 | Number of The Day

It is hard to tell these days, since bars, restaurants, and public spaces now ban it, but 14.4 percent of New Jersey adults still smoke, according to, a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation.

That, however, is far less than the national average of 17.2 percent. It’s higher than states like California (12.1 percent) and Connecticut (13.2 percent), but lower than neighbors New York (15.5 percent), Pennsylvania (18.4 percent), and Delaware (17.3 percent).

More men than women smoke in the Garden State (15.7 percent vs. 13.2 percent), while blacks have the highest rate of smoking (11.7 percent), followed by Hispanics (5.2 percent) and whites (3.5 percent.) Of those who do smoke in New Jersey, 58.5 percent tried to quit in 2010.