Number of the Day: 263

November 8, 2011 | Number of The Day

On top of today’s Election Day ballot here in New Jersey are 263 candidates for state legislature. Of those candidates, 119 are Democrats and 119 are Republicans. That’s because there are two districts where the major candidates are running unopposed. In the 8th, Olympian Carl Lewis dropped out of the race just before ballots were finished, leaving Republican incumbent Dawn Marie Addegio from Medford to run uncontested. In the 20th, Republicans are fielding only one candidate, John F. Donoso. It is the first time a Republican is running for state Assembly in that district in four years.

In addition to the major party candidates, there are multiple members of the Tea Party, Green Party, and Constitution Party as well as fringe candidates. There is even someone from what she calls the Green Tea Patriot’s party. The most crowded field of candidates is in Monmouth County’s 13th district, which has five candidates for state Senate and six for state Assembly.

Regardless of today’s outcome, there is another number of significance to the election: two. All candidates, including state Senators, voted into office today will only serve a two-year term this time around. This election is to align state representatives with new districts after the decennial census. In 2013, not only will the Governor be up for re-election but all state Senators will be fighting for a four-year term.