Number of the Day: 88 percent

October 18, 2011 | Number of The Day

Gov. Chris Christie is said to be a divisive character in many New Jersey circles, but there is one thing New Jerseyans seem to agree on: he’s smart. A recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll showed that 88 percent of registered voters say Christie is smart, while they also agree that he’s a strong leader (81 percent) and stubborn (81 percent). They also think he’s independent (75 percent) and arrogant (74 percent).

Those with a less than favorable view of Christie agreed that he was smart (77 percent), stubborn (90 percent) and arrogant (92 percent). These voters also called him a bully (76 percent), self-centered (85 percent) and vindictive (73 percent). Those who view him favorably — and the poll indicates that 49 percent of registered voters do — gave him higher marks for positive traits and did so more enthusiastically.

Eagleton is taking the same poll twice a year, in order to benchmark responses. The trend shows that women still do not view the governor as positively as men do, and that they are less positive about him than they were at the last poll, in April 2011. However, they did not rate him as harshly as they did in April, when it came to negative traits.