Number of the Day: 49 percent

October 13, 2011 | Number of The Day

Almost half of New Jersey’s likely voters in this year’s election say they get angry when thinking about state government in Trenton, according to a Rutgers Eagleton Institute poll. Democrats are angrier than Republicans (53 percent vs. 42 percent), as are the retired and employed (52 percent for both). Only 44 percent of the unemployed are angry with Trenton.

In this November’s election, the poll showed more people saying they are likely to vote for the Democrats than Republicans (44 percent vs. 28 percent) What’s more, although Republicans say they support Gov. Chris Christie by a large margin (71 percent), Democrats oppose him with a bigger margin (87 percent). Half the likely voters say they prefer that the Democrats remain in control of the state legislature to act as a check against Christie, vs. 40 percent who say they prefer the Republicans win control.

Although more than half of the likely voters say they will vote either for (28 percent) or against (26 percent), the largest slice of the electorate (42 percent) says their November vote will have nothing to do with the governor.