Number of the Day: 86.6 percent

September 23, 2011 | Number of The Day

New Jersey is often thought of as a bedroom state — in that so many of its residents work in New York and Philadelphia and return home in the evenings. Yet the U.S. Census Bureau recently released statistics showing that 86.6 percent of residents work in New Jersey.

Indeed, more than half of residents — 54.3 percent — work in the same county they reside in. More men commute out of state than women (89.2 percent vs. 84.2 percent), and women were also more likely to work close to home, with 59.3 percent of females working in the same county they reside in.

Working out of your own home has also become a significant trend, with 11.6 percent of residents now telecommuting. Slightly more women than men also conduct their business out of their homes, 12.4 percent vs. 10.9 percent.