Number of the Day: 60 percent

August 4, 2011 | Number of The Day

When it comes to speeding on the Interstate, a majority of New Jerseyans must feel they won’t get caught, since about 60 percent of motorists regularly exceed the 65 mile per hour limit.

The state has put devices at numerous locations along many highways that measure traffic speed — and are unrelated to any effort at catching lawbreakers. When it comes to large state highways, such as Routes 1 and 9, 202, 22, and 18, speeding is prevalent but not necessarily the rule. Most drivers seem to exceed the 55 MPH limit but with a few exceptions, such as Route 202 in Hunterdon, it is typical for less than 10 percent to exceed 65 MPH and a tiny percentage hit the pedal above 70 MPH.

Not so on the Interstates. Almost everyone drives above 55 MPH, but the speed limit is 65 MPH. At that speed, more than 60 percent are typically exceeding the limit and it’s not until you get to 75 MPH that you will see only 10 percent or fewer driving above what is legally allowed. Indeed, on parts of some highways — such as the Turnpike and I-80 — you still see 15 percent or more exceeding 75 MPH.

It’s difficult to generalize, since the state takes snapshots at various points along different roads. But you might want to check out how fast people drive on the roads you travel.