Number of the Day: 15.8 percent

July 27, 2011 | Number of The Day

Many New Jerseyans are forgoing health insurance of any kind (15.8 percent), according to the Current Population Survey, a joint project of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. A significant number of children (9.2 percent ) do not have health insurance of any kind, despite a number of government programs targeted solely at them.

Conversely, this means that 84.2 percent of the population has health insurance of some type, just slightly above the national average of 83.3 percent. Most of it (71.3 percent) is provided from private sources. Government provides 23 percent of those living in the Garden State with some type of insurance, including 12.9 percent with Medicare and 7.9 percent with Medicaid. This is lower than the national average of 30.6 percent. Of those 65 years and older, 57.3 percent have both Medicare and private insurance.