Number of the Day: 20,666

July 15, 2011 | Number of The Day

There were 20,666 and burglaries in New Jersey in the first six months of 2010, according the NJ State Police Crime Index. That included 5,211 robberies, a seven percent drop from the year before, and 17,455 burglaries, a three percent increase.

Residential burglaries made up the largest number of these crimes, at 12,880. Oddly enough, night-time burglaries, a typical fear, are much less common than daytime burglaries. There were 2,955 residential burglaries at night during the six-month period and 6,081 daytime burglaries. The others 3,844 occurred at an unknown time. Against the 17,455 burglaries, there were 2,904 arrests.

The majority of robberies, a more serious crime, occurred on the highway, with 3,330 offenses. There were 448 residential robberies, a drop of 14 percent from the year before. Most of the rest of the robberies occurred in commercial establishments (346), convenience stores (289) and gas stations (150). There were 1,669 arrests for robbery of any type between January and June of 2010.