Number of the Day: 203,000

July 6, 2011 | Number of The Day

The Port of New York and New Jersey is known to be an economic engine for the entire region, but it’s a particular boon for New Jersey, where most of the port activity is. According to an economic impact study by A. Straus-Weider, more than 203,000 New Jersey jobs (direct and indirect) were a result of port activity in 2008, adding up to $8.9 billion in personal income, $28.9 in business activity and over $3.9 billion in tax revenues. That compares with New York’s 76,600 jobs, $4.4 billion in personal income, $14.3 billion in business activity and $2.7 billion in tax revenues.

The study cited 31 counties, including 15 in New Jersey and 4 in Pennsylvania, as part of the port region. It noted that the region is one of the leading concentrations of distribution centers and warehouses in the country, the vast majority of which are located throughout New Jersey.