Number of the Day: 2

June 20, 2011 | Number of The Day

NJ Transit ranks among the top seven transit systems in the nation in two criteria — operating expenses and organization size, according to a recent quiz by the publicly funded transportation blog Transportation Nation.

Unfortunately, NJ Transit was nowhere to be found in the third, and presumably most important, criteria: ridership.

The state’s transit system was ranked second, behind New York, for operating expenses. It was ahead of D.C.’s Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, Chicago Transit Authority, L.A. Metro, Boston’s MBTA, and Philadelphia’s SEPTA.

When it came to organization size, however, it ranked seventh. This time it was behind New York, Chicago, L.A., Washington, Boston and Philadelphia, but it squeezed in ahead of San Francisco’s BART.

When it came to ridership, NJ Transit simply didn’t make the cut. The site credits the U.S. Federal Transit Administration as its source.