Number of the Day: 3.1 percent

May 27, 2011 | Number of The Day

Of the nation’s population of 50.5 million Latinos, 3.1 percent live in New Jersey. Indeed, 17.7 percent of New Jersey’s population, or 1.55 million people, consider themselves of Hispanic origin. That ranks New Jersey seventh among states in terms of Latino population, and it is a very varied population.

The largest group of Hispanics in the Garden State are Puerto Ricans, with 434,092 residing here. New Jersey is ranked third, after New York and Florida, among states that Puerto Ricans call home. The second-largest group of Hispanics are Mexicans, with 217,715 residents. But although Mexicans make up 2.5 percent of New Jersey’s population, this number hardly registers against states with large Mexican populations. The total Mexican population in the country is 31.8 million, 63 percent of the total U.S. Hispanic population, with California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Colorado ranking as the states with the most Mexicans.

There are 197,222 Dominicans living in New Jersey, ranking the state number two, after New York, in terms of that Latino group. There are 83,362 Cubans, ranking the state third in terms of that population. The list doesn’t stop there, but the groups are not necessarily broken out by country of origin. Regardless, New Jersey has many other different Hispanic groups — 516,652 people are listed as “other.”