Number of the Day: 201.7 million

May 25, 2011 | Number of The Day

New Jersey consumes about 201.7 million barrels of oil each year, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, which places it ninth on a list of states ranked by petroleum consumption. Texas, at 1,142 million barrels, and California, at 657 million, were the two biggest consumers. New York and Pennsylvania used slightly more petroleum products than New Jersey, with oil consumption at 266 million and 243 million barrels respectively.

Almost all of New Jersey’s petroleum usage is in the transportation sector (164,381 million barrels). The Garden State was responsible for 3.1 percent of the country’s gas consumption, or 101.2 million barrels, in 2009, the last year for which statistics were available. It also ranks third in the country when it comes to consumption of jet fuel (after California and Texas), using 34,420 million barrels as opposed to neighboring New York’s 18.223 million barrels.

The industrial sector was also a significant consumer of petroleum, using 25,624 million barrels of oil in 2009.