Number of the Day: 7

May 18, 2011 | Number of The Day

Chalk up another seven in the category of New Jersey’s dubious distinctions, since the Washington, D.C., Tax Foundation recently ranked the top ten localities that pay the highest property taxes — and they include seven Garden State counties.

Indeed, Hunterdon County, with a median property tax of $8,216, was ranked first out of 2,922 counties in the country. New York’s Nassau and Westchester Counties ranked second and third, but Bergen County ranked fourth, with a median rate of $7,925. Rockland County, New York, ranked fifth, but it was followed by five other New Jersey counties: Essex ($7,489), Somerset ($7,421), Morris ($7,298), Union ($7,075) and Passaic ($7,055).

What might even be worse is that six New Jersey counties were ranked in the top ten as counties with the highest property taxes as a percentage of income. Passaic County, with a median household income of $83,591, ranked first in the nation using that statistic. Essex County ranked second; Bergen County ranked fourth; Union County ranked fifth; Hunterdon County ranked eighth; and Hudson County ranked ninth.