Number of the Day: 1

May 5, 2011 | Number of The Day

NJ Spotlight is celebrating its first anniversary today, and we’re commemorating a year of hard work trying to put some of the state’s most complex and crucial issues in perspective for our community. That was the challenge that faced us from the first day, when our coverage included: Christie’s School Aid Cuts: A History Lesson; Surcharges Boost Utility Bills, But Where Does the Money Go?; Premium on Credits Poses Problems for NJ Solar Program and our first Number of the Day.

Since that first day, we’ve covered the nascent offshore wind industry along the Jersey coastline; the Race to the Top debacle; the difficulties of tenure reform; the politics of the ARC Tunnel; the pension crisis; and redistricting.

We also investigated how consumers are paying to keep old, polluting, power plants in operation and the difficulties involved in judging charter schools.

It’s been a busy year and the current one promises to be no less so. Our hope is that we can expand on a great beginning and widen our coverage to give New Jerseyans a better understanding of the issues that face us all. We are grateful to our generous funders, discerning supporters and most of all, our community of loyal readers. Thank you.