Number of the Day: 20

May 2, 2011 | Number of The Day

If you work for the Juvenile Justice Commission — which runs the state’s juvenile detention centers — you’ve got a very good shot at significantly boosting your salary via overtime. Last year, 20 staffers earned more than $50,000 a year in overtime, in many cases more than doubling their salaries.

The base salaries in question ranged from $62,771 to $105,209, but with overtime, payments for sick leave and uniform allowances, the top overtime-earners made between $121,549 and $227,301 in 2010. When the threshold was lowered to $25,000 in overtime, 99 employees met that criteria. There are 1,647 employees on the Juvenile Justice Commission’s payroll.

When asked why such high overtime rates were racked up by the department, the state Attorney General’s office, which oversees the division, said it was due to the fact that by law, a qualified officer was required to oversee a certain number of juveniles being detained at the centers 24 hours a day. She said the state is reviewing the staffing requirements of the division.