Number of the Day: $67 million

NJ Spotlight | March 14, 2011

The federal Department of Homeland Security gave the state about $67 million in antiterrorist and emergency management funds this year, ranking it seventh in the country as a recipient of security subsidies.

About half of the money is devoted to the northern region of the state, since it is meant to help protect the Jersey City/Newark region from terrorist attacks.

The federal department issued $1.77 billion in grants this year, the largest portions of which went to New York and California. (California splits its urban security grants between two high-profile cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco.) Washington, D.C., Illinois, Texas and Florida also garner more in total subsidies, which in some cases also include grants for border control.

New Jersey’s 2010 grant of $67 million is a slight increase from last year’s $61.8 million and 2008’s $63.7 million.