Number of the Day: 725,980 pounds

March 9, 2011 | Number of The Day

Nurseries and greenhouses are opening up for spring in the Garden State — and many businesses and private owners are casting off the plastic film that covers these structures in winter. For the past 15 years, New Jersey has recycled this material, totaling 725,980 pounds of it in 2010 alone.

Since its inception, the program has recycled 7,802,820 pounds of used film. Recycling saves growers 40 percent over disposing of it in landfills.

Two facilities accept film year-round — the Burlington County Occupational Training
Center in Mount Holly and the Cumberland County Solid Waste Complex in Deerfield. Facilities do not recycle other agricultural plastics, such as bags, mulch film, drip irrigation or ground-cover film. For further details.