Number of the Day: 76.6%

March 8, 2011 | Number of The Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a major holiday in some parts of the world. In honor of the day, it makes sense to be reminded that New Jersey women still earn on average only 76.6 percent of what men do. The median salary for women in New Jersey is $761, as opposed to $994 for men.

Still, New Jersey women earn among the highest median salaries in the country, trailing only Washington D.C. ($938), Connecticut ($821) and Maryland ($797). Women in neighboring states such as New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania all earn less than women in the Garden State, but the comparative ratio to men was higher.

Nationally, women’s earnings as a percent of men’s is 80.2 percent. But like most states, the comparison ratio was due to lower wages in general — but particularly, a lower wage for men ($657 for women, $819 for men). The only place where the wage ratio was close to equal was Washington D.C., where women earned $938, compared with a median wage of $972 for men, a 96.5 percent difference.

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