Number of the Day: 721

February 16, 2011 | Number of The Day

New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice Commission is overseeing the custody or care of approximately 721 youths in residential or secure facilities or day programs, according to performance statistics reported by YourMoney.NJ.Gov. Of these, 277 youths were in residential or transitional facilities in December; 27 kids were in a day facility; 249 juveniles were in the New Jersey Training School, one of the two secure facilities run by the commission; and 168 youths were in custody in the Johnstone Campus, the most secure of the state’s juvenile facilities. Overall, there were about the same number of youths in the system as in the previous quarter.

According to the same report, the per capita cost of a day student in the system is $164; a residential youth is $254.53; a kid incarcerated in the Training School costs $355.99; and youths in the Johnstone Campus cost the public $452.88 a day.

The website YourMoney.NJ.Gov aims to provide transparency to the public about the state’s government operations.