Number of the Day: 47.5%

February 14, 2011 | Number of The Day

New Jersey is considered fairly healthy in comparison with most states, but only 47.5 percent of residents get 30 or more minutes of moderate physical activity five or more days per week — or vigorous activity 20 or more minutes three days per week — according to the Center for Disease Control Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Actually, this is a steady and significant improvement since 2001, when a question about exercise was first asked on the survey. That year, only 43.7 percent of New Jerseyans responded that they performed 30 or more minutes of moderate exercise per week.

Nationally, 51 percent of respondents said they did 30 or more minutes of moderate exercise per week. Alaskans apparently get the most, with 60.7 percent of residents saying they regularly exercised, followed by other rural states such as Montana (58.6%). Vermont (58%), Utah (57.6%) and Idaho (57.5%). The states with the highest coach potato status include West Virginia (35.2%), Tennessee (36%) and Mississippi (37.5%) Still, in the past eight years the nation as a whole has moved from only 46.1 percent saying they get regular moderate exercise to 51 percent saying they do.