Number of the Day: 1

January 14, 2011 | Number of The Day

New Jersey has the dubious distinction of ranking first in the country — for outbound household migration. United Van Lines, the country’s largest mover of household goods, tracks inbound vs. outbound moves: In this year’s annual study, New Jersey knocked Michigan off the top of the list as the state with the highest percentage (62.5 percent) of outbound moves. The company reports that New Jersey had a total of 8,288 shipments in 2010, but only 3,109 were inbound while 5,179 were outbound.

United Van Lines classifies states as high-inbound, high-outbound and “balanced,” meaning there were a relatively even number of inbound and outbound shipments. Other high-outbound states include Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Among the high-inbound destinations were Washington D.C., Oregon, North Carolina, Idaho and South Carolina, in that order.