Winter Reading Series: Nuclear Power

Adding generation capacity is critical to New Jersey's future, but what role will nuclear energy play in this push for more power?

The Oyster Creek power plant, the nation’s oldest commercial nuclear plant still in service, will shut down in nine years. In a state where officials are striving to entice power suppliers to build new generation facilities, what does Oyster Creek signify for the future of nuclear power? Public Service Enterprise Group has spent tens of millions of dollars investigating the possibility of adding two new nuclear units to its three stations in Salem County, but has yet to commit to the expensive undertaking. Here’s some winter reading on what lies ahead for nuclear power:

Nuclear Energy Institute Fact Sheet on Nuclear Power

Sierra Club Paper on Nuclear Power

Status of New Nuclear Plants in the United States from the Nuclear Energy Institute

Administrative Consent Order Between New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Exelon to Close Oyster Creek

The Future Role of Nuclear Power in the United States by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Environment New Jersey Report on Global Warming and Nuclear Power

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Report on Climate Change