Winter Reading Series: Jersey Shore

What steps are being taken to restore and protect Barnegat Bay and other environmentally fragile areas along the New Jersey shore?

Barnegat Bay has been front and center in terms of the state’s environmental agenda. Before lawmakers broke for their holiday recess, they sent to the governor’s desk five of a seven-bill package aimed at halting the destruction of this environmental jewel. The package aims to curb the runoff from lawns, golf courses and parking lots that is choking the life out of the bay. Environmentalists also have issued reports warning of similar problems along the rest of the Jersey Shore. Here are some reports detailing problems facing coastal New Jersey:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Barnegat Bay Estuary Cleanup Program

Nature Conservancy on Delaware Bayshores

American Littoral Society on Protecting Delaware Bay

Final Recommendations of President Obama’s Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force