Number of the Day: 91.7%

December 1, 2010 | Number of The Day

Taken as a group, New Jerseyans are relatively safe drivers: 91.7 percent have no points on their license, according to monthly monitoring statistics available at YourMoney.NJ.Gov. The site is managed by the NJ Department of Treasury and is aimed at providing citizens some transparency into government workings. YourMoney.NJ.Gov publishes performance statistics that may have been collected previously but were not available to the public.

Statistics regarding the Motor Vehicle Commission show that although the vast majority of New Jerseyans have no points on their license, 3.8 percent have 1-2 points; 2.7 percent have 3-6 points; 1.1 percent have 7-12 points and 0.7 percent have over 12 points.

The performance survey also shows that the success rate for all fraud/forgery investigations has jumped to 65 percent from a low of 18 percent in July. The survey also measures things like failure rate of emission inspections (11.8 percent) and those that failed at private inspection facilities (18.1 percent).

The state also measures issues such as average wait times: to speak with a representative for surcharge processing (24:01); to speak to a representative for general information (1:24) and for an emission inspection at an MVC inspection lane (5:12)