Number of the Day: 9,286

October 21, 2010 | Number of The Day

There were 9,286 proven cases of child abuse or neglect in NJ in 2009, according to Advocates of Children of NJ and the data center of of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Actually, there were 89,287 investigations into child abuse or neglect, which works out to 10.4 percent of reported cases being proven. Although the populous and less affluent counties of Essex, Camden and Hudson had the highest number of proven cases, other counties had a higher number of investigations in terms of percentage of population. For the state as a whole, there were 44 investigations per 1,000 children under the age of 18. Using that number as a yardstick, the counties with the highest numbers were Cumberland (93), Cape May (82), Salem (76), Camden (68) and Atlantic (67). Using the same gauge, the counties with the lowest numbers were Hunterdon (22), Bergen (23), Somerset (30), Morris (32) and Union (33).