Number of the Day: 6

August 26, 2010 | Number of The Day

It’s common to hear other states, like California, compared with the rest of the world as if they were countries — but what about New Jersey? According to New Jersey Future, the Garden State’s per capita gross income of about $55,000 would be the sixth-highest in the world, after Liechtenstein ($98,000), Norway ($87,000), Luxembourg ($68,000), Denmark ($59,000) and Switzerland ($56,000). Despite its high ranking, however, New Jersey’s income disparity is more pronounced than that of Russia, China and Turkey, and most resembles Latin American countries like Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

New Jersey Future also points to the state’s 1,168 persons per square mile as an outstanding stat — noting it would rank as the fifth most densely populated country in the world (excluding city states such as Singapore and Monaco), behind only Bangladesh, West Bank/Gaza, South Korea and the Netherlands. New Jersey is more dense than India, Belgium and Japan.

On the bright side, despite its density, New Jersey Future touts the state’s efforts at protecting open space, although it cites a number of countries in Africa and Central America that surpass New Jersey’s 29 percent land preservation rate.