Summer Reading Series: School Choice

Charter schools are catching on in the suburbs, while school vouchers are racking up more backing across the state. Stay ahead of these and other fast-moving issues with this special package

School choice is having a nice little run in New Jersey right now.

Charter schools are not only a lead player in cities like Newark — where one in seven public school kids attends a charter — but also increasingly the suburbs, too.

There’s a school voucher bill that just won’t quit, and a charismatic Republican governor who looks intent on shaking up public education as a whole.

Starting this week, the legislature is hearing proposals to open the way for more growth and innovations in charter schools. One idea is “virtual schools,” not so uncommon nationwide but new and different for New Jersey.

But choice doesn’t stop there. If Gov. Chris Christie had his way, the state would also make it easier and cheaper for schoolchildren to attend private and parochial schools. Don’t be surprised to hear a lot about the Opportunity Scholarship Act through the fall.

Until then, here are a few things to help you catch up, some controversial, some not. Judge for yourself:

  • Off to Schools in NYC (and Newark’s) KIPP Charters
  • Senate Bill 2198
  • [link:|East Brunswick Board Sues to Keep Charter from Opening
  • The Hoxby Report: The New York City Charter School Evaluation Project
  • From Senator’s Old Neighborhood, Close-up View of School Voucher Bill
  • Arizona Tuition Tax Credits Drain State Money
  • The Lottery (film trailer)
  • Small Schools with Big Hopes in Philadelphia
  • We’re in this together
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