Number of the Day: 41,050

NJ Spotlight | August 13, 2010

With easy access to the communications capital of the world, it’s not a surprise that New Jersey is home to a large number of arts, design, entertainment and media professionals. A total of 41,050 New Jerseyans work in occupations ranging from actors, writers, dancers, producers and directors to journalists, public relations specialists, floral designers, art directors and musicians, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. That tally includes salaried employees only, who earned an average of $54,060, and did not count the self-employed. The largest segment of these employees are graphic designers (6,260, with an average salary of $50,850), followed by public relations specialists (5,010, earning an average of $59,080) and coaches and scouts (3,740 earning an average of $40,210).