Number of day: 20,260

NJ Spotlight News | July 21, 2010

The number of lawyers employed in New Jersey is 20,260, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009 report of state occupational employment and wage estimates. The average salary for Garden State attorneys is $125,560. The total pool of people working in legal occupations, according to the Bureau, is 31,720, of which the largest non-lawyers are the 6,790 paralegals and legal assistants, who earn an average of $52,460. Typically, judges are the best-paid members of the legal profession. New Jersey’s 1,030 Judges and Magistrates earn an average of $131,400. Other legal workers of note: 160 court reporters earning an average of $55,460; 1,120 law clerks earning $48,160; and 1,330 title examiners earning $42,170.