Number of the Day: $12.40

NJ Spotlight News | July 19, 2010

On average, New Jerseyans are paying more than the rest of the country for residential natural gas. At $12.40 per thousand cubic feet New Jersey ranks 21st highest in the country. The average price nationally is $11.78 per thousand cubic feet. Unlike residents of many states, New Jerseyans rely on natural gas to heat their homes. Other than Hawaii and Alaska, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between climate or relation to industry that determines the price of natural gas. The highest prices can be found in Hawaii (a whopping $43.38 per thousand cubic feet) followed by North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, Rhode Island and Connecticut (all ranging between $19.06 and $16.55 per thousand cubic feet.) The lowest prices can be found in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska (ranging from $7.54 to $8.81 per thousand cubic feet.)