Number of the day: 47

NJ Spotlight News | July 2, 2010

The shore isn’t the only reason New Jersey is known as a summer playground. The state’s 47 roller coasters — tallied by the Roller Coaster Census Report — are sure to attract crowds this 4th of July weekend. The Garden State is virtually packed with these popular joyrides, ranking second only to California, which has 79. New Jersey is tied with Pennsylvania, which also has 47, but it beats out its neighbor to the west when it comes to the faster and taller steel roller coasters (43 vs. 32). Indeed, the Roller Coaster Census, which keeps track of the rides worldwide, cites the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson as the world’s fastest (128 mph) and highest (456 feet) and the one with the most dramatic drop (418 feet) of any roller coaster currently operating. Translation: New Jersey is home to the world’s scariest roller coaster (at least until Abu Dhabi unveils its new one).