Number of the day: 1,441

NJ Spotlight News | June 30, 2010

New Jersey has 1,441 private schools (pre-K through 12) serving 204,486 students, according to the 2007-2008 Private School Universe Survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education. In the 2006- 2007 school year (the latest for which statistics were available), 13,344 high school seniors graduated from private schools. This compares to about 2,500 public schools serving 1,383,705 students. There were 92,601 public school graduates in that same year. Although New Jersey is the 11th most populated state, it ranks seventh in number of private schools. Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan, while significantly larger in population, have fewer private schools and students. Ohio has slightly more students enrolled in private institutions, but there are only 1,189 of them.