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NJ Spotlight | June 22, 2010

If it seems like we jumped right from winter to summer, with only some serious downpours in between, there’s good reason. This spring was the hottest on record in New Jersey, according to state climatologist Dr. David Robinson of Rutgers University. The average temperature from March to May was 55.2 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.5 degrees above normal. (New Jersey has been keeping weather records since 1895.) The 15.23 inches of rain that fell between March and May also makes this spring the 12th wettest on record—and the wettest since 1998. Those March storms dumped 9.39 inches of rain, 1 1/2 inches more than the previous March record-holder of 1912. Let’s hope 2010’s severe weather has run its course. Our hot, wet spring follows the third-stormiest and whitest winter on record.