Number of the Day: 34

NJ Spotlight | June 15, 2010

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has just released new energy statistics that rank New Jersey only 34 among states in terms of energy consumption per capita. The Garden State’s relatively low showing may be small comfort, given that each New Jerseyan consumed 304.4 million BTUs of energy derived from coal, natural gas, oil, electricity and renewables in 2008. Two cold, sparsely populated states are the biggest energy hogs: Wyoming and Alaska, with 1,016 million and 945.7 million BTUs per capita. Oddly enough, warm weather Louisiana came in third with 783.45 million BTUs, followed by North Dakota (687.4 million) and Texas (475.32 million). The five states with the lowest energy consumption per capita? New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, California and Massachusetts, which ranged from using 205.5 million to 229.1 million BTUs.