Number of the Day: 40

NJ Spotlight News | June 4, 2010

New Jersey’s never been known as a dry state but a report by Gannett Wisconsin Media—a network of Gannett-owned newspapers and media sites—ranks New Jersey only 40 out of 50 when it comes to drinking and abusing alcohol. In order to determine if Wisconsin was indeed the most alcohol-oriented state, the media conglomerate produced a special report that collected hard data and then ranked each state in 10 categories, including the number of binge and heavy drinkers, how much alcohol is sold, healthcare costs, drunken-driving fatalities, and number of alcohol-related crimes. New Jersey came in at 49 in the category of alcohol dependence but lost points for issues such as low beer taxes and high healthcare costs. What state came in 50? Alabama, followed to no one’s surprise by Utah. Who is number 1? Well, the newspapers seemingly proved their case, naming their home state of Wisconsin as the “state of drinking,” right ahead of other cold, northern states such as North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.