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INSTANT REPLAY: If you missed Wednesday night’s debate between Malinowski and Lance — and the expert commentary from NJ Spotlight and NJTV — here's a chance to come up to speed. Read more
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October 18, 2018

Collapse of NJ Solar Industry, Big Layoffs If No Interim State Plan — Warning
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Executives suggest urgent need for temporary system to incentivize solar development before transition to Murphy administration’s new approach
Stakes High, Tempers Cool as Lance, Malinowski Face Off in CD-7 Debate
Mark J. Bonamo | Politics, Elections 2018
Battling for the middle of the road, Republican congressman and Democratic challenger raise the tension on healthcare, taxes, and gun control
NJ Sexual Harassment Policies Pale Beside Those of Corporate America
Colleen O'Dea | Social
State department and agency protocols can differ extensively, or be absent entirely — as is the case with the New Jersey Senate, which has no written hiring protocols in place
New Push to Expand Emergency Access to Lifesaving Medicines
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Diabetic’s near-death experience helps make case for allowing pharmacies to dispense a month’s worth of meds, even without valid prescription
New Jersey’s Tax System Ranked among Fairest in the Country
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Report by left-leaning institute cites progressive income-tax structure and fact that Garden State doesn’t overly rely on sales tax
Op-Ed: What Offshore Wind Could Do for Economy and Jobs in New Jersey
John Shinn and Debra Coyle McFadden | Opinion
If state delivers on governor’s plan, it would mean a lot for responsible environmental policy and economic development — and for union workers
The Women Leading NJ’s Suburban Resistance to Trump Policies
WNYC News | Politics, Elections 2018
Unprecedented grassroots activism in Garden State suburbs sprang out of opposition to the president and his policies. Now it’s focused on the midterm elections
Instant Replay: Catching Up with the Debate in Congressional District 7
NJ Spotlight | Politics, Elections 2018
If you missed the debate between Malinowski and Lance — and the expert commentary from NJ Spotlight and NJTV — here's a chance to come up to speed
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October 17, 2018

Shaping Up for a Big Fight in NJ on Question of Right to a Clean Environment
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Supporters seek voter approval for constitutional amendment to copperfasten people’s right. Opponents warn of endless litigation and a stifling of economic development
Lawmakers Urge State to Lock In Pharmacy Benefit Savings
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Warning that hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer savings will be lost if Treasury officials don’t move quickly on new contract
Cutting Down on Paper in a Bid to Modernize Local Government in NJ
John Reitmeyer | More Issues
Greater efficiency and savings for taxpayers promised by proponents of a measure ‘that’s really past due’
Commission to Investigate Administration’s Actions in Sexual-Assault Case
Colleen O'Dea | Politics
Legislative group will also review government hiring practices, conduct of background checks, and how criminal justice system handles allegations of sex offenses
Op-Ed: New Jersey’s Opioid Strategy Is Missing an Important Component
F. Leland McClure III | Opinion
Physicians must be allowed to prescribe opioids, but we need regulations that support drug testing of patients before and during such therapy
In Newark, Reporting Lapses Hide Thousands of Student Suspensions from Public View
Patrick Wall | Chalkbeat | Education
Troubling patterns and racial disparities are masked by state’s inaccurate school report cards, giving the false impression that Newark has all but eliminated suspensions
Lance-Malinowski Debate: Live Commentary Here Tonight
NJ Spotlight | Politics, Elections 2018
NJ Spotlight joins with NJTV News to deliver live commentary on TV debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates in the 7th Congressional District

October 16, 2018

Governor Responds to Questions about Handling of Sexual-Assault Charge
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Hours before leaving on an overseas economic mission, Murphy announces independent investigation into his administration’s hiring of a man accused of sexual assault
Anger in Trenton Over Way Alleged Sexual Assault Was Dealt With
NJTV News Online | Politics
Growing sense of outrage over how Murphy administration handled sexual misconduct case. Republicans want full-scale investigation
New Initiative Would Smooth the Road for Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Comprehensive plan would help clean up the transportation sector, largest source of greenhouse-gas emissions — but at what price?
Setting Out to Fix Major Flaws in the Way New Jersey Funds Higher Education
Carly Sitrin | Education
Lawmakers and administration embark on reorganization to make college more affordable and to improve access and equity
Physical Therapists Win Latest Battle in Turf War with Acupuncturists
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Although acupuncturists are vehemently opposed, a measure allowing certain PTs to use “dry needling” to help relieve pain has advanced in the state Assembly
Both Candidates in CD-5 Lean Right, But Republican Hews Closer to Trump
Hank Kalet | Politics, Elections 2018
Gottheimer claims he’s known for bipartisan approach, while McCann argues Dems can be part of problem rather than solution. Both candidates favor Trump’s wall
Opinion: NJ Shouldn’t Wait for Federal Funds Before Reducing Flood Damages
Daniel J. Van Abs | Opinion
The uncertainty of federal funding dictates that New Jersey view every project through the lens of self-funding
CD-11 Recap: Mikie Sherrill vs. Jay Webber
NJ Spotlight | Elections 2018
If you missed the debate — and the expert commentary from NJ Spotlight and NJTV — here's a chance to catch up on the key issues

October 15, 2018

Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise in NJ, Outpacing National Increase
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Although record numbers of New Jerseyans now have insurance coverage, the price of healthcare remains a major difficulty for families and small businesses
Governor, Dems Cautioned It’s Time to Repay African-American Support
Mark J. Bonamo | Politics, Elections 2018
Weeks before the critical midterm elections, community leaders tell Democrats — especially Gov. Phil Murphy — that they want action on important issues
Grewal ‘Proud to Lead’ Latest Challenge to IRS on Federal Tax Changes
John Reitmeyer | Budget
The Internal Revenue Service proposed new rules to stymie ‘blue’ state efforts to get around a federal cap on SALT deductions. Attorneys general reveal how they plan to fight back
State Advised Yet Again to Reject Offshore-Wind Project Near Atlantic City
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Consultant tells Board of Public Utilities that Nautilus proposal is too small and would cost New Jersey ratepayers too much
The List: Top Ten Counties in NJ for Federal Farm Subsidies
Colleen O'Dea | The List
New Jersey is among the states that reap the least in annual federal aid to farmers, getting only a fraction of the $20 billion paid out
Op-Ed:The Vehicle Emissions Reduction Strategy No One’s Talking About
Tim Evans | Opinion
It’s not enough to promote the use of alternative fuels in New Jersey. We must reduce the total number of miles driven — and to do that, we need to rethink how and where we build

October 12, 2018

Trying to Repurpose NJ’s Empty or Underused Strip Malls and Offices
Colleen O'Dea | Planning
There’s a new grant program for municipalities to redevelop ‘ghost malls’ and underutilized commercial properties
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