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Poll: Millennial Outmigration — Major Headache or Minor Problem?

March 23, 2017 | Polling

What can be done to keep millennials in New Jersey — and should communities and the state spend scarce funds to make it happen?

Poll: ACA Replacement Bill — Good Move or Step in Wrong Direction?

March 9, 2017 | Polling
Can repeal and replace really take care of America’s myriad medical needs?
Poll: Should Lawmakers Take Christie’s 100-Day School Funding Challenge?
March 2, 2017 | Polling
The governor has pledged to work with Republicans and Democrats to find an equitable solution to the school-funding mess. Should legislators jump at the chance or let it pass?
Poll: Christie’s State of the State — Too Long for One Topic?
January 12, 2017 | Polling
Opioid addiction is threatening New Jersey, but should the governor have touched on other subjects in his hour-plus speech?
Poll: What Does the Coming Year Hold in Store for NJ?
December 22, 2016 | Polling
Peer into the crystal ball or read the tea leaves, what’s going to be the top topic of 2017?
Poll: With Trump Headed for White House, How Will It Affect NJ?
November 17, 2016 | Polling
Have you had a chance to think through some of the ways the president-elect will leave his mark on the Garden State?
Poll: Are You Concerned that NJ’s Elections Will Not Be Honest?
November 3, 2016 | Polling
There’s been no shortage of talk about the elections being ‘stolen.’ Do you that’s a valid concern in the Garden State?
Poll: Is There a Good Way to Fix School Funding in New Jersey?
October 27, 2016 | Polling
Two school funding plans have been proposed and another is in the works, but will any of them actually get the job done?
Poll: Waiting to Inhale — Is NJ Ready for Recreational Marijuana?
October 20, 2016 | Polling
A delegation of NJ legislators will report today on its fact-finding trip to Colorado, where pot is legal. Is the Garden State moving in the same direction?
Poll: The Murphy Lockdown — Terrific or Troubling?
October 13, 2016 | Polling
Phil Murphy seems to have the Democratic gubernatorial nomination sewn up more than a year ahead of the election. What do you think of his early-bird special?
Poll: Who Put Together the TTF Fix? Who Runs New Jersey?
October 6, 2016 | Polling
Basically the bill to tank up the TTF is the work of just three people. What does that say about how things get done in NJ?
Poll: Beach Replenishment — Saving the Shore, Hurting the Environment?
September 29, 2016 | Polling
Beach replenishment is expensive and — by some lights — ineffective, since any sand dredged up will ultimately wind up back in the water. Do we stay the course?
Poll: Double Dipping for Public Employees: Damned If They Do?
September 22, 2016 | Polling
It’s a widespread practice among public employees, retiring from a job and then picking up another position — and pension. Should it be allowed?
Poll: Do You Expect Any Surprises to Come Out of the Bridgegate Trial?
September 15, 2016 | Polling
The massive traffic tie-up has been under the media microscope for a long time. Is there anything left to learn?
Poll: Room in the Pinelands for Conservationists and ATVs?
September 8, 2016 | Polling
Beyond the angry words and accusations, it may ultimately be an issue of conservation versus recreation
Poll: For-Profit Hospitals in New Jersey -- For Or Against?
NJ Spotlight Staff | August 11, 2016 | Polling
Meadowlands Hospital's 'birth tourism' raises news questions about for-profit hospitals.
Poll: Is the National Republican Party Too Right for the Garden State?
July 21, 2016 | Polling
The GOP is always talking about its big tent. Is there room for NJ inside it?
Poll: Is the Garden State Still Committed to Being ‘Green’?
July 7, 2016 | Polling
Cuts to environmental programs have become more the rule than the exception. What’s happened to NJ’s dedication to its air, water, and open spaces?
Poll: Quick! Pick a Plan to Refuel the Transportation Trust Fund
June 30, 2016 | Polling
Basically, it’s one minute to midnight. Is it still possible to stop the TTF from going bust?
Poll: Time for Compromise On Transportation Fund, Gas Tax?
June 23, 2016 | Polling
With only days left to get things done, what do you think is the best way to steer clear of this crisis in the making?
Poll: Would the Garden State Be Greener If We Legalized Grass?
NJ Spotlight Staff | June 16, 2016 | Polling
There are strong economic reasons to legalize marijuana, but is it a matter of more than money?
Poll: Did Surprising Voter Turnout Add up to Any Other Primary Surprises?
June 9, 2016 | Polling
Given the number of folks who showed up at the polls, the primary elections were hardly nail-biters
Poll: Are We Overpaying the Presidents of NJ’s Public Colleges, Universities?
May 26, 2016 | Polling
The price of public education keeps climbing. Are six-figure pay packages for college and university presidents an appropriate payday?
Poll: Should Christie Raid Clean Energy Fund (Again) to Help Solve Latest Shortfall?
May 19, 2016 | Polling
The governor has hit up the fund for more than $1.3 billion over past seven years. What’s another $20 million?
Poll: Naming Bridgegate’s Unindicted Co-Conspirators -- Go for It or Get Over It?
NJ Spotlight Staff | May 12, 2016 | Polling
Is there anyone in New Jersey who really doesn’t care if Christie knew about the infamous Fort Lee traffic tie-up?
Poll: Does Trump’s ‘Triumph’ Mean Christie’s Battered Star Is in the Ascendant?
May 5, 2016 | Polling
What’s the chance that ‘The Donald’ will tap Christie as his running mate, and is that what the governor has his eyes on?
Poll: Earned Sick Leave, Good for Employees but Bad for Business?
April 28, 2016 | Polling
Can New Jersey companies afford to offer their employees earned sick leave? Can they afford not to?
Poll: Does PARCC Glitch Mean It’s Time to Take Another Look at Online Test?
April 21, 2016 | Polling
A server problem KO’d PARCC testing for a day, but does the offline exam indicate a more serious issue?
Poll: Should the Biggest Companies Get the Biggest Share of Subsidies?
April 14, 2016 | Polling
Small-business owners say they’re being shortchanged when it comes to tax credits and other incentives
Poll: The Christie Plan, the Prieto Plan, or Some Other Plan for Atlantic City?
NJ Spotlight staff | April 7, 2016 | Polling
The governor and the Assembly speaker are going at each other hammer and tongs over what to do in Atlantic City. Does either have a clue?
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