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Analysis: New Jersey Facing Hefty Price Tag For New Rail Tunnels

Mark J. Magyar | October 22, 2014 | Transportation

Agreement on cost share for use of Northeast Corridor line and rail tunnels behind schedule, but federal law will make NJ pay more

COAH’s Attempt to Adopt New Rules for Affordable Housing Goes Nowhere Fast

Colleen O'Dea | October 21, 2014 | Politics, Housing, Planning
Council deadlocks on vote despite state Supreme Court order that it must come to a decision today
Christie’s Airport PATH Deal Undercuts Rail Tunnel, PA Bus Terminal Needs
Mark J. Magyar | October 24, 2014 | Politics, Transportation
Transit advocates say $1.5 billion earmarked for redundant Manhattan-Newark Airport PATH service should be spent on tunnel or bus terminal
Feds, States Continue to Shortchange Delaware River Basin Commission
Jon Hurdle | October 23, 2014 | Energy & Environment, Planning
New executive director of DRBC raises concerns about protecting water quality for some 15 million people
Profile: His Polls Takes the Pulse of NJ’s Politics and its People
Colleen O'Dea | October 22, 2014 | Politics, Profiles
Director of Monmouth University’s survey says much of its success stems from listening to talk on the streets – and even in Jersey diners
Polar-Opposite Candidates Vie for New Jersey's Senate Seat
Joe Tyrrell | October 22, 2014 | Politics, Elections 2014
On everything from public policy to personal style, Democratic incumbent Booker and GOP challenger Bell are worlds apart
Conservative Drifts Into Middle of the Road in District 7 Contest
Rob Jennings | October 22, 2014 | Politics, Elections 2014
Republican Lance now stresses moderate views, while Democratic opponent Kovach argues his record shows he’s moved to the right
Big-Name Politics, Accusations of Corruption Mark District 1 Contest
Tara Nurin | October 21, 2014 | Politics, Elections 2014
Norcross continues to widen lead and fill coffers, while Cobb argues his foe is engaging in political overkill and is out of touch with real people
New Commissioner Calls For Transportation Tax, New Tunnel, Expanded Light Rail
Mark J. Magyar | October 20, 2014 | Politics, Transportation
Fox: If Transportation Trust Fund is refinanced again by a ‘gimmick’ -- and not a dedicated tax -- ‘we’ve failed’
GOP Incumbent Seen Prevailing Over Democratic Newcomer in 4th District
Jon Hurdle | October 20, 2014 | Politics, Elections 2014
Democrat Scolavino faces uphill struggle against Smith, who is running for 17th Congressional term
Measure Would Mandate Smart-Growth Policies in Town Master Plans
Tom Johnson | October 16, 2014 | Energy & Environment, Planning
Critics argue municipalities are already addressing these issues voluntarily, obviating the need for new law
Talking About Many Issues Raised by Football Scandal in Sayreville
John Mooney | October 16, 2014 | Education, Social
NJ Spotlight education reporter and radio host discuss anti-bullying law, how it came into play, and whether it goes far enough
Sayreville High School Case Spotlights NJ's Landmark Anti-Bullying Law
John Mooney | October 10, 2014 | Education, Social
Alarms sounded after revelation of allegations that young football players were abused by older teammates
Interactive Map: Home Values Drop Again in NJ – But Mortgage Payments Drop Too
Colleen O'Dea | October 10, 2014 | Housing, Maps, Map of the Week
While homeowners fare well, renters face high monthly payments and shortage of affordable units
Audit Finds Room for Improvement at Department of Community Affairs
Tom Johnson | October 9, 2014 | Energy & Environment, Politics
Problems with inspections and check deposits not as serious as those uncovered in earlier audits, particularly with DCA weatherization program
Analysis: Liberal Analysts Drop $42 Billion Bombshell Into NJ Pension Debate
Mark J. Magyar | October 8, 2014 | Politics
Think tanks cite Pennsylvania actuarial study in warning against hidden costs of switch from traditional pension to 401(k) plan
Taking the Shutters Off at Fort Monmouth to Serve New Jersey in a New Capacity
Tara Nurin | October 8, 2014 | Housing, Planning
Three years after it was officially shut down, the mammoth Army base is at the center of a huge development effort
Analysis: Would an Elected Comptroller Solve NJ’s Pension Crisis?
Mark J. Magyar | October 7, 2014 | Budget, Politics
Moody’s: While New Jersey’s pension crisis is one of nation’s worst, independent comptroller kept New York State out of trouble
MacArthur Jabs Belgard Again Over Democrats’ Campaign Videos
Jon Hurdle | October 6, 2014 | Politics, Elections 2014
With race in 3rd Congressional District too close to call, candidates turn to immigration, same-sex marriage to sway undecided voters
Rise in Drug-Treatment Admissions in NJ Reveals Progress of a Plague
Colleen O'Dea | October 3, 2014 | Social, Maps, Map of the Week
With heroin and opiate abuse on the rise in New Jersey, data and anecdotal evidence tell heartbreaking tale of addiction and death
In Increasingly Diverse State, NJ’s Police Forces Are Mostly White and Male
October 3, 2014 | Social
While some see hiring bias, other observers say it’s not necessarily bigotry behind racial make-up of departments
‘Housing First’ Advocates Look to Expand, Take Program Statewide
Andrew Kitchenman | October 1, 2014 | Healthcare, Social, Housing
Finding homes for the homeless is seen as first step toward improving health, lowering costs of medical and social services
NJ Legislators Vote to Officially Allow Electronic Votes in Absentia
WNYC/NJPR | October 1, 2014 | Politics
Lawmakers regularly let staffers push ‘yes’ or ‘no’ buttons for them, even though law required their physical presence in legislative chambers
State Assembly Targets Governor’s Suppression of Rebate Data
Mark J. Magyar | September 30, 2014 | Politics
Legislation would require Christie administration to publish town-by-town data on net property taxes it removed from state’s website
Analysis: Merger of Cash-Starved NJDOT with Turnpike Authority ‘Cash Cow’ eyed
Mark J. Magyar | September 29, 2014 | Politics, Transportation
Turnpike, Parkway generate $400 million a year in excess toll revenues -- and most of it already goes into state budget
Is the Problem of Homelessness Getting Better or Worse in NJ?
WHYY/NewsWorks | September 29, 2014 | Social
Thousands still live in shelters and motels – and on the streets – but whether there’s been improvement depends on which numbers are compared
Tab for Unfunded Retiree Benefits Pegged at $30,000 per Household
Mark J. Magyar | September 26, 2014 | Politics
Three months after Christie’s pension cuts, governor’s own panel says failure to make pension payments has made problem worse
Food-Stamp Cutbacks in NJ May Hinge on Resolving Application Backlog
WNYC | September 26, 2014 | Social
Decision to end ‘Heat and Eat’ program, delays in new computer system threaten federal funding
Tale of Two Towns: Newark, Irvington Mayors Tackle Housing Issues
Joe Tyrrell | September 25, 2014 | Housing, Planning
Leaders in both municipalities address economic, public health and crime, but take different approaches on foreclosures and eminent domain
Mega-Casino in Jersey City: Too Big a Gamble? Or Potential Jackpot for NJ?
WNYC | September 25, 2014 | More Issues
Details remain sketchy about waterfront complex -- including an auto-racing track and a convention center -- reportedly proposed by billionaire founder of Reebok
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