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Doing the Math: PARCC Tests Will Cost State 10 Percent More Than Before
John Mooney | March 10, 2015 | Education
Biggest reason for increase is that 200,000 more NJ students are taking standardized exams; administering tests online helps reduce expense
Christie Appointee to Panel Studying Testing Has Unique Insight– He’s a Teacher
John Mooney | March 9, 2015 | Education
Educator supports PARCC but worries about challenges for poorer students; NJ Spotlight offers one last sample question to try your hand at standardized exam
Winter Storm Stalls PARCC Tests – and Debate Over Their Future Use in New Jersey
John Mooney | March 6, 2015 | Education
Snowed in? Try tackling some sample questions from the 3rd-grade language arts exam
How State's Teachers Get Trained, Licensed Comes Under Board’s Scrutiny
John Mooney | March 5, 2015 | Education
Questions raised about proposed reforms in standards for both alternate-route and traditional college-level education programs
PARCC Testing Debate Shifts Once Again From Classroom to Political Arena
John Mooney | March 5, 2015 | Education
While adults go back and forth, NJ Spotlight offers more sample questions from the controversial standardized exam
Nearly Quarter-Million NJ Students Take PARCC Exams on Day Two of Testing
John Mooney | March 4, 2015 | Education
Can you pass 11th-grade language arts test? Try answering a sample question from the exam
Despite Raucous Run-Up, Day One of PARCC Testing Was Mostly Uneventful
John Mooney | March 3, 2015 | Education
Sharpen those pencils: NJ Spotlight continues its PARCC testing with several samples from the math test for third-graders
Agenda: State Board of Education Takes Up Teacher Preparation and Support
John Mooney | March 3, 2015 | Education
Other topics to be tackled include criteria for linking student performance to teacher evaluations
Should the State Offload Teacher Retirement Benefits Onto Local School Districts?
John Reitmeyer | March 2, 2015 | Budget, Education
That’s one of the suggestions of Christie’s expert commission, but the big question is what happens to property taxes
PARCC Tests in Language Arts, Math Start Today for Students in New Jersey
John Mooney | March 2, 2015 | Education
Can you make the grade? Try a sample question from the 5th-grade language arts exam
Cami Anderson Gets Another Year at Newark Helm -- Plus a Performance Bonus
John Mooney | February 27, 2015 | Education
State senator assails 'terrible decision' while student leader vows more protests aimed at ousting superintendent
Conservative Radio Host Grills Christie on Common Core Flip-Flop
John Mooney | February 27, 2015 | Education, Politics
Asked at CPAC gathering about controversial academic standards he once supported, governor says he now has ‘implementation regrets’
Districts Get Official Word: State Aid Payments Frozen for Most Schools Next Year
John Mooney | February 26, 2015 | Budget, Education
Some are glad that funds won’t be cut despite fiscal woes; others note than once again Christie isn’t complying with full-funding law
Dispute Erupts Over ‘Agreement’ Between Teachers Union, Governor
John Mooney | February 25, 2015 | Education
While Christie touts purported deal, NJEA leaders protest that it’s just a ‘road map’ for finding solution to pension crisis
PARCC Testing Opponents Win Victory in State Assembly, But What’s Next?
John Mooney | February 24, 2015 | Education
Bill would delay use of assessments to rate schools, students and teachers, but passage by Senate appears much less likely
Newark Student Sit-In Ends With Superintendent Anderson Still in Place
John Mooney | February 23, 2015 | Education
Students call action a ‘victory,’ even though state is on course to renew embattled school chief’s contract this week
Atlantic City School District Goes Bust, Fiscal Monitor Put in Place
John Mooney | February 20, 2015 | Education
School system wracked by aftershocks from collapse of casino industry, city's fiscal calamity
Op Ed: Opting Out of PARCC and Common Core Standards is a Dangerous Concept
James A. Crisfield | February 19, 2015 | Education, Opinion
Why stop with standardized tests or the curriculum? Why not let kids opt out of anything from algebra to zoology?
PARCC Creator Has No Doubts, Touts Benefits of Controversial Testing
John Mooney | February 18, 2015 | Education
As NJ prepares for debut of new assessments, Laura Slover blames politics for growing ‘opt-out’ movement, says critics will ultimately see worth of new exams
What’s Behind Chris Christie’s Change of Heart About Common Core?
John Mooney | February 18, 2015 | Education
NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney joins WNYC’s ‘The Brian Lehrer Show' to deconstruct the governor’s recent comments about testing
Senate, Assembly Taking Separate Paths to Making College More Affordable
Tara Nurin | February 13, 2015 | Education
Lower chamber hammers out package of bills, while upper house creates a commission to study the ‘college affordability crisis’
It’s Crunch Time for Deciding on PARCC Test Opt-Outs and Implementation Delays
John Mooney | February 13, 2015 | Education
As grassroots opposition to new testing grows, NJ lawmakers worry about possible loss of federal funds
Debunking Chris Christie’s Claims About Common Core State Standards
John Mooney | February 12, 2015 | Education
The federal government never insisted that states sign on for the Common Core and never tied it to any promise of funding
Chris Christie’s About-Face on Common Core Standards Turns Debate Upside-Down
John Mooney | February 11, 2015 | Education
Governor tells a GOP audience in Iowa that he has ‘grave doubts’ about academic standards and student testing he previously endorsed
Fine Print: Common Core, PARCC Not Well-Known -- But They’re Still Unpopular
John Mooney | February 11, 2015 | Education
Monmouth poll finds few New Jerseyans are even aware of the new academic standards and testing – but negatives are high among those in the know
Reading, ‘riting and Revenues: More NJ Districts Selling School-Bus Ads
NJTV | February 11, 2015 | Education
Supporters say it’s a way to raise money for cash-strapped budgets without raising taxes, but others question whether it’s a good idea
Superintendent Salary Cap Back in Limelight -- As Clock Counts Down
John Mooney | February 10, 2015 | Education
As limits on top school administrators' pay near expiration in 2016, stalled Senate bill draws new attention as it's voted out of committee
Explainer: How the State Holds Superintendent Pay to $175,000 Per Year
John Mooney | February 10, 2015 | Education, Explainer
Are salary caps driving the best school chiefs out of state? The numbers say that might be a mistaken impression
Legislators, School Districts Scramble to Put PARCC Policies in Place
John Mooney | February 9, 2015 | Education
With the opt-out option growing in popularity across the state, educators and lawmakers rush to accommodate families who just say ‘no’
The List: Ranking the Top 10 Open-Admission High Schools by SAT Scores
Colleen O'Dea | February 9, 2015 | Education, The List
Recently released results from School Performance Tests help draw a bead on New Jersey's top public high schools
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