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November 15, 2017

Sitting Down for a Peaceful, Post-Election Conversation in Long Valley
Colleen O'Dea | Politics
Members of our Long Valley Voting Block agree to disagree, exchanging rancor for rational debate
Another Round of Repairs for Penn Station NYC Will Mean More Schedule Changes
John Reitmeyer | Transportation
Officials assure commuters this will not be another ‘Summer of Hell’ starting after New Year’s
Opinion: National Tax Reform — Questions for New Jersey Residents
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff | Opinion
Asking the right questions can help New Jerseyans get a picture of how GOP-backed tax reform will impact them
Judge in Menendez Case Not Ready to Let Jury Quit
NJTV News | Politics
Defense renews call for mistrial, prosecution argues for allowing partial verdicts

November 14, 2017

NJ Congressional Delegation Deeply Divided on Trump Tax Reform
John Reitmeyer | Politics
It comes down to SALT, a threatened tax break that lets residents deduct local and state taxes, a lifeline for many New Jerseyans
Planned Parenthood Expects Murphy to Increase Funding for Women’s Health Issues
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Weinberg, other Democrats want speedy restoration of financial support that Gov. Christie suspended
New Regional Initiative — RGGI for Transportation Sector
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Transportation is the biggest source of carbon emissions contributing to climate change, but will NJ sign on when it’s also poised to rejoin RGGI?
Craig Coughlin: Low-Profile Legislator Taking Prieto’s Place as Assembly Speaker
Carly Sitrin | Politics
Coughlin emphasizes coalitions and compromise, but the test will be in the day-to-day rough-and-tumble that’s state government in New Jersey
Murphy Names Transition Team, Signals His Priorities
John Mooney | Politics
High-profile appointees include NJEA president; Gov.-elect also appoints less well-known figures
Opinion: New Jersey Budget Challenges Are Significant and Immediate
Richard F. Keevey | Opinion
The new governor has many ambitious plans, but first he must make sure the 2018 fiscal years ends with a surplus — as required
Menendez Jury Can’t Agree, Asks Judge for Guidance
NJTV News | Politics
Defense seeks mistrial, judge says there’s ‘no way on this green Earth’ that he would make such a declaration

November 13, 2017

At AC Teachers Convention, Many Claim ‘Disconnect’ from Politics
Carly Sitrin | Education
There may not be much interest in NJEA’s costly attempt to unseat Sen. Sweeney, but Gov.-elect Murphy gets roaring welcome from crowd
Can Gov.-Elect Murphy Make a Go of His Public Bank?
John Reitmeyer | Politics
It was an idea regularly trotted out during the campaign, now Murphy and Co. are starting to assess how to make that proposal a reality
Legislature, DEP at Loggerheads Again Over Septic Tanks in Highlands
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Lawmakers moving to block agency proposal, could use rarely employed tool to rescind rules judged inconsistent with legislative intent
Opinion: Where Did New Jersey's GOP Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways
Carl Golden | Opinion
The poisonous memory of Bridgegate, the unshakeable image of Christie basking on the beach, the NJEA’s doomed attempt to punish Sweeney — and that’s for starters
State Expands Efforts to Address Childhood Asthma at Home
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Pilot project seeks to address environmental factors like dust, smoke, roaches, where kids with chronic asthma live
From Pro-Assad Syrian Diplomat to Teaching Politics at Rutgers University
Matt Katz | WNYC News | Education

November 12, 2017

NJ Moves to Ban Pesticide OK’d by Trump Administration
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Widely used on a variety of crops, chlorpyrifos has been linked to potentially harmful effects in people

November 9, 2017

Expecting Murphy to Move Fast on Range of Economic Policies
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Christie vetoed Democratic bills on $15 minimum wage, millionaires tax but Gov.-elect shares legislators’ top priorities
Christie and Trump: The Best Friends New Jersey Democrats Ever Had?
Colleen O'Dea | Elections 2017
Pollsters and pundits alike argue that dissatisfaction with the governor and the president helped put Democrats over the top in race after race
Fed-Up LoBiondo to Quit Congress, Fired-Up Dems Resolve to Flip Seat
Chase Brush | Politics
As centrist South Jersey Republican laments disappearance of ‘middle ground’ in national politics, Democrats see chance to replace him
GOP Tax-Reform Bill Could Sideline NJ’s Clean-Energy Efforts
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Republicans in D.C. are looking to slash or eliminate tax credits that encourage solar and wind power, help offset the price of electric vehicles
Opinion: Chris Christie’s Surprisingly Solid Record in Public Education
Laura Waters | Opinion
It’s easy to mock the soon-to-be-ex governor; it’s harder to admit he’s leaving NJ’s public schools in better shape than he found them
Horizon Joins Coalition for National Standards for Substance Abuse
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Goal of ‘payers’ group is to make certain that addiction is ultimately treated like other chronic diseases

November 8, 2017

Murphy Stays on Message for Victory Speech, Promising to Be Activist Governor
Lee Keough | Elections 2017
Some pundits say Guadagno was running against her long service with Gov. Christie as much as against Murphy
Dems Pick Up Key Seats in Legislature, GOP Takes Several Tight Races
Chase Brush | Elections 2017
At end of the day, Democrats still have the Legislature locked up — after withstanding some tough challenges and pulling out a few surprise victories
New Jersey Voters Handily Ratify Two Ballot Questions
Tom Johnson | Elections 2017
Bond issue for libraries will help them modernize and expand, while a second question prevents environmental settlements from being diverted to general budget
Growing Focus on ‘Social Determinants of Health’
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Issues like poverty, food insecurity, housing status, and violence play a huge role in public and individual health
Op-Ed: Battling Addiction Should Be a Fair and Colorblind Fight
Dierdre Glenn Paul | Opinion
Let’s stop dividing and making classes of addicts and instead start fighting the scourge of addiction collectively

November 7, 2017

Live Results from the 2017 Gubernatorial Race
NJ Spotlight | Elections 2017
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